Technoculture 2

«TECHNOCULTURE 2 – Man Machine» is an art, music & technology festival and was taking place in the Halle Grise of blueFACTORY – the location of the former Cardinal Brewery in Fribourg, Switzerland. For 13 weeks (during 25.5 until 11.08. 2019), les Archives du Futur Antérieur presented a program of concerts, parties, performances, exhibitions, film screenings, conferences and kids activities. Adrien Laubscher, the curator of the events, commissioned Büro Destruct to create the visual identity for all the happenings. To cover the multiple demands, we created two variable fonts – one for the titles and one featuring the illustrative robot characters called the «Microns». The technical yet playful simple graphic language in black and white allowed us to design large banners, posters, flags, flyers, event-banners, stencils, merchandise and videos for social media within a limited timeframe and production budget.

Kommentar der Jury
Ein umfangreiches, charakterstarkes Schriftsystem mit starker Identität, die variablen Fonts funktionieren in verschiedenen Medien.

Büro Destruct
Lorenz «Lopetz» Gianfreda, Grafiker
Heinz «H1» Reber, Grafiker
design / shortlist / bronze