Migros Suisse Mania

Migros Suisse Mania (http://www.suissemania.ch)

Suisse Mania is an immersive experience based on cutting edge WebGL-Technology. The whole world can dive into an interactive journey through beautiful Switzerland. Fly over a huge 3D-Map of the tiny country and discover its most important monuments. The website promotes Migros, Switzerland’s largest retail company, and raises the awareness of Switzerland and its broad diversity to its customers. Get on the hot air ballon and start exploring!

Hinderling Volkart AG
Michael Hinderling, Creative Director
Michel Luarasi, Art Director
Selina Steinmann, Project Responsibility
Claudia Widmann, Consulting
Gérald Marolf, Consulting
Danilo Maag, Consulting
Agigen, Production Company
Ruedi Wegmann, Copywriter
Alfatih & Tunay, 3D Designer
interactive / shortlist / bronze