The other half

On February 9th 2014, 50.3% of the Swiss voters expressed their desire to regulate the so called «mass immigration» by voting for a law limiting free movement of persons and workers between Switzerland and the EU. In response to this, we created a digital showcase of contemporary Switzerland to show Europe and the world that our country is proud, mixed, open-minded and cohesive. In order to give a voice to the 49.7%, we created digital tools to amplify their discontent and break out of their disappointment, shame and silence by expressing themselves in a meaningful and creative way.

10 000 Facebook fans in 1 week and total of 200 000 people reached. Hundreds of thousands of people reached through press, blogs,national TV & radio coverage. Protests, creative initiatives, Facebook pages, texts, t-shirts, a limited edition, 3000 copy book deal…

Julien de Preux
interactive / bronze