S Magazine Issue 15

“S” is a deluxe, biannual art and fashion magazine based in Copenhagen and New York, focused on the human form and human condition. Since its first issue, “S” has been committed to stunning fashion photography, boundary-pushing visual art, design and thoughtprovoking feature articles, giving freedom for some of the most original and intriguing creative talents of our time to express their unique visions.
The connective theme of the issue, “S” 15, is simply “time”. In this “real-time” age where things seem to happen ever more frequently and at ever greater velocity, this issue of “S” has the effect of slowing time down for each reader who opens it, with 304 pages that beguile, mesmerize, and entrance. Pages that make you forget to turn the page with featured talents such as Joséphine de la Baume, Edward Leida, Sagmeister & Walsh, Asger & Troels Carlsen among others. “S” 15 lets its readers escape the rush of the mad world around them and rediscover some of the time they’d lost track of.

Piera Wolf
design / shortlist