POV Paper — Quarterly Mindfuck

POV paper is a Swiss-based edition on sex and gender, linked to the sex-positive festival La Fête du Slip. Sexy photos, illustrations, erotic fiction, reviews of porn and interesting films, records to listen, dance and fuck to, a selection of sex-positive events, as well as critical articles on theory, politics, sex-education, and lots more!

POV paper’s graphic design is radical and dynamic. Every issue explores a different and specific process. The goal is to create a fresh feel for each new issue through its particular form but also through its exclusive content. The typographical choices are also aimed at creating an authentic experience by using often new, exclusive or experimental typefaces. The format ensued from a simple constraint: the price. This limits our possibilities in terms of choice of paper, size and printing method, conveying a sense of unity in our diversity. We wish to offer an accessible, real object, one that isn’t uppity.

Format: 315 x 470 mm

POV paper
design / bronze